Janes Hotel Family Hero

Janes Hotel Family Hero 32.0

Recover your family Hotel and run the business to pay your debts
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Realore Studios

Jane’s family hotel is in economical problems and you must help her to recover their business. Jane has borrowed some money to recover the hotel, she must pay back and you must help her working hard to get the money. The main objective of this game is to serve costumers and fill their needs in a nice holiday at your hotel; you must earn enough money to pay your debt. In this game you must make the check in of your costumers giving them a key of a room, you must bring their luggage, you must give them a cocktail or a coffee when they ask for, you must clean the rooms, make the beds, clean clothes, repair things when something is broken, take photos for your costumers, sell souvenirs from the shop and fill all their needs. Costumers will show you what they want and you must attend them. You will have a supplementary panel where you can check the amount of money you need to earn in a day or a month, a calendar will show you how much money you have made in a day and a month, that way you can search for your goals. Each costumer has different needs and mood; you must attend them as fast as you can so they wont leave your place.

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